Monday, December 15, 2008

The reasons and tasks of Egyptian tools

The Egyptians used tools for many tasks such as hacking wood to painting clay. They used a wide variety of tools and weaponry. The Egyptians used spears, plows, irrigation canals, scythes, sickles, axes, shadufs and much more! Egyptians used a lot of tools for small jobs such as the needle. The needle was used to puncture clay to make holes and graphic designs. They also used powerful basic tools such as the axe or hand saw to cut wood. These are a few of the types of tools the Egyptians used. They used the irrigation canal as well. This tool was made from the land and gates of mud used to manipulate the water flow to irrigate crops.

Trees and some copper

Egyptian tools were made of mostly wood and copper. As you "wood" know wood was very scarce in Egypt because they were in the middle of the dessert. Most of the woods were:Lebanon, Syria and cedar.Copper was imported in and out of Egypt.The African Dark wood was often their valued furniture wood. What type of wood "wood" you use to build your furniture?

Carpenters and Mr.T !

Egyptian Carpenters were very famous of their time but not as famous as Mr. T!
Carpenters have natural skill for building things such as tools, furniture and instruments.
Carpenters make tools mostly out of wood and copper. Depending on the type of wood they could make tools faster and stronger or bendier and more wearable. Carpenters would often use passed down traditions to make tools to be perfect. Carpenters often ended up redoing tools or things they made because they broke or the wood was wet etc.
Would you want to be a carpenter if you could?

The fools tools functions and junctions.

There are lots of Egyptian tools and functions so I'll start you off with my personal favorite. The Shaduf- A well like tool used to gather water from a river. It has two long sticks sticking up from the ground with a stick lying on top and a stick laying across that stick with a counter balance on one side and a rope with a bucket on the other. If you didn't get all that I just said it's like those oil things you see going up and down. The water dial- How they tell time by the water, for instance a man sees the water turning yellow, bathroom break! The Axe- Device to cut chunks of wood. The Cane Bender- A tool used to bend canes back or forward or which ever which way. If they thought about it they could probably use it as a torture device you know.

The Egyptian Drill / screw driver

An Egyptian drill/ screw driver had a bow on it , Kinda like a bow-n-arrow. I bet you couldn't guess how they used the bow in the tool though! (Don't read on until you've guessed. ) Well they used the bow in the drill/ screw driver by connecting the bow string to the nail or sharp piece of metal. Next they went back and forth with the bow until they made a hole or some kind of dent in the thing they were drilling .
Doesn't it kind of remind you of the Gieco commercial of the cavemen. A caveman rubbing a bow -n-arrow back and forth, definitely doesn't look like they are trying to drill something. Do you think an Egyptian drill was the only tool they had? Well that was an obvious question but yeah you were probably right, they had more tools than the drill. Like for instance, the sundial, saw, axe and alot more!