Monday, December 15, 2008

The fools tools functions and junctions.

There are lots of Egyptian tools and functions so I'll start you off with my personal favorite. The Shaduf- A well like tool used to gather water from a river. It has two long sticks sticking up from the ground with a stick lying on top and a stick laying across that stick with a counter balance on one side and a rope with a bucket on the other. If you didn't get all that I just said it's like those oil things you see going up and down. The water dial- How they tell time by the water, for instance a man sees the water turning yellow, bathroom break! The Axe- Device to cut chunks of wood. The Cane Bender- A tool used to bend canes back or forward or which ever which way. If they thought about it they could probably use it as a torture device you know.

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